Medical Convoys

Driven by the belief that everyone has the right to a healthy life, the Armanious Foundation offers medical services for patients in rural areas with the aim of giving free medical services to regions deprived of medical care; Our Medical convoys take place every month and cover many specialities, each doctor examining patients and providing them with free mediation.


-June (Wadi el Natroun): after a year of closure due to Covid-19, the Dr Mounir Armanious clinics in Wadi el Natroun are finally back and operating every first Friday of each month. We were able to bring 9 specialization as well as teachers for the children teaching them computer skills, arts & crafts as well as necessary social skills.

-April  ( El Haram Area ): we were able to beat our last record with 1100 examinations, prescriptions and medicine distribution.

-March  ( El Haram Area ) : We are very happy to announce that after a year off due to covid the Armanious Foundation medical convoys are back, reaching an all-time record of more than 700 examinations. 

2019 :

 -June: organized for the locals also around the neighbouring region, we were able to serve many families in the field of general medicine.

-March: the convoy teams were met with a positive response from the people of the El Haram facility region.

-February: located Manshaet Nasser, serving a substantial amount of patients from the area including their children.


-November & December: the convoy  served the people of Al Haram area, with medical specializations including ‘ General internal medicine and ENT'.