Who We Are

Dr. Mounir Armanious Foundation for Social care and Development was established through the vision and thought of the national community participation of Dr. Mounir Armanious and his family. They believe that their responsibility towards society begins internally with company employees then expanding into the community, implementing development projects with government and private agencies participation, leading to a real development of society.

Foundation goals

1- Improving the health service of individuals and families.

  • Coordinating and supporting medical convoys in underdeveloped areas.
  • Organizing and assisting in awareness campaigns about diseases and general and personal hygiene.
  • Offering remote medical consultations and providing training and continuous education activities for nurses and healthcare providers.

2- Improving education and scientific research

  • Establishing private Arabic and languages schools in their different stages, primary, preparatory, secondary. With high quality programs, to raise a generation with a high cultural, scientific and educational level as the nucleus of a better society. Encouraging and adopting ideas that lead to increases in production, raising operating efficiency, or manufacturing machines with different advanced ideas (out of the box thinking).
  • The Foundation supports and adopts:
    • -Students at the Don Bisco Institute.
    • -Students of the Faculty of Nursing at the Modern University.
    • -Students of the Verena Nursing Institute.

3- Developing youth skills and preparing them for the labor market

  • The Foundation establishes training centres specialized in craftsmanship and technical skills in order to qualify young men and women, to work in various craft fields (sewing - embroidery - plumbing - carpentry - electricity ..).
  • The Foundation partners with rehabilitation and training institutions, with the aim of helping towards a drug free healthy working society, where the graduates are offered employment to start a new life.

4- Sustainably offering Humanitarian Aid by distribution of food and basic family needs